Casanova was established in 1978


We have grown from a custom-built company in the local bodywork industry to an internationally recognized packaging manufacturer.


Foundation and creation

From the union of 3 families in 1978 in a small 150-meter warehouse made by themselves and located near the town of Arbúcies, the embryo of what we now call Casanova S.A logistics solutions was created.

In the beginning, three independent partners were the founders of Casanova. They were experienced operators and dedicated themselves to welding parts, structures and subassemblies for the bodywork industry established in the town of Arbúcies for years, in addition to working for other clients from different sectors. Four of the main coachbuilders of international renown were located in the same town. Taking advantage of their experience and good relationship with them, they were able to reach collaboration agreements.

Very soon they realized that the 150 square meters were not enough to meet the demands of their customers.

In 1979, a fourth member joined the company and some land was bought in the new Torres Pujals de Arbúcies Industrial Estate, created again due to the growing implantation of new secondary industries in the bodybuilding sector. A first warehouse of 500 square meters was built and the company named “Planchistería la Casanova” was established.




In the eighties, with the increase in orders and the incorporation of new, more advanced machinery, they had the opportunity to access other clients, such as ENASA, current Iveco, Nissan Motor Ibérica, SEAT, among others… this caused an increase in work, a demand for more space and consequently a growth in ships until reaching 2500 square meters.

In the 1990s, the first packaging for Nissan and Seat began to be successfully created. They were very simple and straightforward packaging, but it managed to form part of the A supplier grid of the two main automobile firms established in Catalonia.

In the mid-1990s, we decided to invest in human capital with high technical training and computer drawing licenses in order to have a powerful packaging design technical office, which very soon became a benchmark in the design and manufacture of prototypes for transport. of automotive parts.


Forerunner in new solutions for industrial packaging.

At the end of the 90s, it invested in laser and plasma cutting machinery, which was a very important step in the manufacture of new packaging designs. This technological improvement led to the construction of an additional 3,000 square meters and to invest in a powder painting tunnel with electrostatic application that was pioneering at the time.

Improvements were also made in design and new partners arrived in textiles, thermoforming and injection that helped us improve solutions and take the step of offering our packaging to other automotive plants internationally.

At the beginning of the year 2000, the second generation joined the company, leaving only two shareholder families in the company, which continue today.

Internationalization has been a clear consequence of growth. We open an office abroad to be able to have a commercial presence in France and Germany.

At the beginning of 2021 we closed a contract for the distribution of modular solutions “Flexqube” The world-renowned Swedish brand that manufactures and distributes material for the intralinguistics of companies, carts, wagons and modular containers for logistics without the need for welding.

At the same time, Casanova has fully entered the manufacture of specific plastic containers with the help of our partner Söhner, manufacturer of twin sheet packaging.

At this time we have all kinds of logistics solutions for our customers and we continue to advance to improve day by day.

Currently, Casanova Logistics Solutions is a diversified company focused on proposing and learning new logistics challenges in industry 4.0 and the internet of things. We work to make our packaging smart and intercommunicate with the machines together with our partner Bosch.


Our main activity is the manufacture of universal and specific containers in order to find the best transport and storage solution for our clients, who mostly belong to the automotive and logistics sector.

We have 16,500 m2 of land, of which 6,500 m2 are industrial buildings.

The Casanova brand aims to offer our customers complete packaging solutions, with specific designs and solutions that optimize space and reduce logistics costs.