Lacquer Fixing Line Solution

The Metàl.lics Casanova S.A engineering team has designed and manufactured a solution for the clamping and transportation of parts that are treated in a lacquer fixing line for the company Meleghy Automotive.

The engineering companies of Metàl.lics Casanova and Meleghy Automotive have worked together to make the entire movement system for the application of lacquer a success.

The solution includes a rack compatible with the three pieces to be treated on the line, as well as a trolley that facilitates the transportation and storage of the frames with the loaded pieces.

In addition to the versatility of the rack, the entire solution is designed to be placed in an oven at over 70ºC.

One of the client’s objectives was for the frame to always achieve the same fixed position of the pieces so that the lacquer can be applied homogeneously by means of a robot.

It is a very robust system coupled in a robotic installation.