Universal metal containers

Universal containers are the most used within the industry in general. Casanova offers its products always trying to find the product that can offer the most benefits to our customers. Our range of universal containers is very large and our factory offers the possibility of manufacturing a universal container according to the needs of our customers.


Metal universal containers

At Casanova we manufacture all kinds of metal containers from sheet metal, grids, with walls covered in alveolar polypropylene plastic, etc.

We adapt to the needs of each client and manufacture their universal metal containers, both rigid and folding. We are dedicated to manufacturing all kinds of metal box containers adapted to each need.


Universal plastic containers

We have several universal plastic containers. Folding containers to have a return occupying the minimum space in the truck and avoid unnecessary costs.

We have return ring containers that can be manufactured with the folding heights that our customers require.


  • HDPE twin sheet collar that offers protection against damage, which can be caused by forklifts, for example.
  • Alveolar Polypropylene Collar.
  • Galvanized sheet collar that offers us robustness and protection against the nails of forklift trucks.