Dolly Solutions



It incorporates 2 fixed wheels and 2 swivel wheels of 160 mm with manual brakes on the two swivel wheels.

It can support and transport a weight of 900 kg in motorized systems and 300 kg in manual systems, since it is the ergonomic limit allowed.

It has a built-in folding shuttle and a hitch in case it is necessary to create logistics trains or adapt it to the AGV system or Motor Mover system.

It has Modul-v15 modular parts to assemble your own upper structure very easily.

More information

  • DOLLY 1010 with dimensions 1000 x 1000 and a height of 420 mm
  • DOLLY 1012 of dimensions 1000 x 1200 and height of 420 mm
  • DOLLY 1014 with dimensions 1000 x 1400 and a height of 420 mm
  • DOLLY 1016 with dimensions 1000 x 1600 and a height of 420 mm